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EV Green Bar HTTPS Validation


Percentage of scanned websites with vulnerabilities in 2016

While cyber attacks managed to cause unprecedented levels of disruption, attackers frequently used very simple tools and tactics to make a big impact. Zero-day vulnerabilities and sophisticated malware now tend to be used sparingly and attackers are increasingly attempting to hide in plain sight.

Understanding SSL/TLS Cert Types

Knowing the difference between each SSL certificate and its benefits will ultimately ease the process of finding the perfect solution for your business. Whether you're an Enterprise in need of securing large accounts & databases, or a Small Business looking to secure online customer transactions, we've got you covered with the right Cert Solution. For more information, click into the different SSL/TLS certificate types below.

Multi-Domain SAN SSL/TLS Certificates

A Subject Alternative Names (SAN) SSL Certificate secures multiple websites with different domain names – for example,, and SSLAuthority.certs. These certificates are often used by businesses that maintain related websites under different domain names. Those who don’t want the sites to appear “connected” to each other should not use this type of certificate.
Our SAN Certificate also covers unlimited server licenses. SAN Certificates can be used with shared hosting.

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Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SAN SSL/TLS Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificates use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure an infinite number of subdomains all within the same top level. A standard SSL Certificate would only secure the common name listed on the order. This requires you to purchase another certificate to secure any additional domains associated with your organization.

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EV Green Bar SSL Certificates

Extended Validation SSL/TLS Certificate

Recommended For eCommerce and High Visibility Sites, Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the GREEN BAR along with the highest industry standard for authentication and provide the best level of customer trust available.

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Organization Validated SSL Certs

Organization Validated SSL/TLS Certificates

Recommended For Government & Public Businesses, A fully authenticated SSL certificate is the first step to true online security and confidence building.

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Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Domain Validated SSL/TLS Certificate

Issued within minutes with variuos options for approval (email, file authorization, dns)! Recommended For internal systems, development/testing environments or non ecommerce sites: A Domain Validated certificate is considered an entry-level SSL certificate and can be issued quickly as the only verification needed is to ensure that the applicant owns the domain (website address) where they plan to use the certificate.

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