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Perfect for enterprise, online databases, & transactional websites, our EV Certs ensure the information your customers submit is completely secure. Begin by choosing one of our premium brands below.

Entrust SSL Certiificates

*Consumer's Ranking

EV Multi Domain

$258.13 / 2yr annual 


1) $100,000 Warranty

2) HTTPS Green Bar Recognition

3) 2048 bit SSL Secure Sockets Layer with TLS Encryption

Comodo SSL/TLS Certificates

*Most Affordable EV

Comodo EV

$109 / 2yr annual 


1) $1,000,000 Warranty

2) HTTPS Green Bar Recognition

3) 2048 bit SSL Secure Sockets Layer with TLS Encryption

SSL Authority has partnered with GlobalSign to offer one of the most trusted and innovative brands in the industry.

Extended EV SSL starting at $382.50 yearly

Symantec SSL Certificates

DigiCert leads the pack with superior validation and reliability. Offering a brand new Site Seal, industry leading warranties, and legendary support. Display their brand on the forefront of your website to assure your customers their visit is safe and secure.

Secure Site EV starting at $550 yearly

Secure Site Pro EV starting at $830 yearly

Entrust SSL Certiificates

Protect your investment with help from Entrust, a global leader in website security.

Advantage SSL starting at $182.50 yearly

As the world's second largest SSL Certificate provider, GeoTrust has over 100,000 customers and over 150 countries. GeoTrust is a popular brand offering a broad range of cost-effective products to ensure maximum security to organizations of all sizes.

True BusinessID EV starting at $121.63 yearly

Looking to verify your business identity online with a cost effective SSL certificate? No other brand in the world today than Thawte will give you you the piece of mind you need to secure your online environment.

EV SSL starting at $156.63 yearly

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EV Green Bar HTTPS Certificate Education

EV certificates are standard X.509 digital certificates. The primary way to identify an EV certificate is by referencing the Certificate Policies extension field. Each issuer uses a different object identifier (OID) in this field to identify their EV certificates, and each OID is documented in the issuer’s Certification Practice Statement. As with root certificate authorities in general, browsers may not recognize all issuers.

Recommended For eCommerce and High Visibility Sites, Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the GREEN BAR along with the highest industry standard for authentication and provide the best level of customer trust available.

Extended Validation certificates are intended to show the user more visibly the institution to which they were issued. The technical aspects of the certificates themselves is combined with visual clues in the user interface of the application verifying them: the green bar and a visible name next to the location bar in the browser.

Processing times for Extended Validation SSL Certificates may take longer from 1-3 days, sometimes a week, due to additional verification requirements mandated by the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Guidelines.

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