Multi Domain SAN Certificate

Get the strongest SSL Encryption for up to 100 domains with our Multi-Domain San certificates.

Perfect for eCommerce & complex websites, our San Certs ensure the information your customers submit is secure. Begin by choosing one of our premium brands below.

Digicert SSL Certificates

*Consumer's Ranking

Multi Domain SSL

$323 / 1yr annual 


1) $1,000,000 Warranty

2) Unlimited free self-service reissues

3) Ability to choose algorithm (ECC, RSA, & DSA)

*Most Affordable SANs

QuickSSL Premium SAN

$119 / 1yr annual 


1) $500,000 Warranty

2) 10 Minute Issuance

3) Includes 5 sub domains

Comodo SSL/TLS Certificates

Comodo has issued SSL/TLS Certificates in over 100 countries making them an internationally recognized go-to brand. Every certificate issued by Comodo uses 2048 bit signatures and 256 bit encryption of transmitted data. SSL Authority offers Comodo SSL/TLS Certificates as a low-cost solution without minimizing brand trust.

Multi SAN SSL starting at $130 yearly

Digicert SSL Certificates

DigiCert uses industry-leading SSL encryption across all products, with various solutions for website and server security.

Multi-Domain SSL starting at $220 yearly

Entrust SSL Certiificates

Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make experiences like making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks, reliable and secure.

Multi Domain starting at $245 yearly

As the world's second largest SSL Certificate provider, GeoTrust has over 100,000 customers and over 150 countries. GeoTrust is a popular brand offering a broad range of cost-effective products to ensure maximum security to organizations of all sizes.

True BusinessID SAN starting at $129.17 yearly

Looking to verify your business identity online with a cost effective SSL certificate? No other brand in the world today than Thawte will give you you the piece of mind you need to secure your online environment.

SAN SSL starting at $129.17 yearly

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Multi-Domain SAN Certificate Education

A Subject Alternative Names (SAN) SSL Certificate secures multiple websites with different domain names – for example,, and SSLAuthority.Certs. These certificates are often used by businesses that maintain related websites under different domain names. Those who don’t want the sites to appear “connected” to each other should not use this type of certificate.

Our SAN Certificate also covers unlimited server licenses. SAN Certificates can be used with shared hosting.

Anyone who has more than one website to protect should consider a SAN Certificate. It’s more time- and cost-effective than buying separate SSL certificates for each website.

SAN or multi-domain SSLs are ideal for environments such as Microsoft Exchange Server when you need to secure multiple websites with different domain names.

For anyone who has more than one website, it costs less to buy one SAN Certificate to protect them all than to buy a separate SSL Certificate for each website. You’ll also spend less time setting up a single SSL.

Yes. Let’s say you only have 4 websites you want to protect when you buy your SAN Certificate. Then you create another one. Simply change the number on your SSL dashboard, and then do a free re-issue.

Our standard SAN SSL Certificate covers up to 5 websites. You can secure more websites for a fee in increments of 5. For example, a single SAN SSL can protect up to 5 sites, 10 sites, 15 sites, etc. The maximum number of websites that can be secured by one SAN SSL is 100.

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