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As the world’s first international Certificate Authority, we have a 17-year proven track record of providing world-class security you can count on.

Thawte’s combination of digital certificate products, uncompromised infrastructure, global reputation, security track record and world-class multilingual support make Thawte the world’s best value in online protection.

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SSL certificates from Thawte provide robust authentication and encryption, reassuring your customers that their data and transactions are secure.

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Domain Validated for Internal Networks  Thawte 123 starting at $30.63 yearly.

Organization Validated Certificates  Webserver starting at $65.63 yearly.

Wildcard Certificates  Webserver Wildcard starting at $244.13 yearly.

EV Green Bar Certs for Enterprises & HTTPS Security  EV SSL starting at $156.63 yearly.

Wildcard Certs for Infinite Sub-Domain Security   123 Wildcardstarting at $174.13 yearly.

Wildcard Certs for Infinite Sub-Domain Security   SAN SSLstarting at $135.63 yearly.

Organization Validated Certificates   Code Sign Certificatestarting at $121.63 yearly.

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